A Career as a Photographer: Different Types of Photography

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” –Aaron Siskind

Some children dream of becoming astronauts to explore the deepest parts of space, others want to become veterinarians to save sick animals, and some wish to train to become firemen to protect people from harm.

What about photography? Do people want to become photographers?

According to many statistics and reputable resources, amateur photography is on the rise. There have never been so many photographs taken as there have been in the past few years.

Social media outlets such as Instagram has inspired people of all ages to take and post stylish pictures to impress others. While some people should find another talent, others are remarkably good. For those who possess the raw ability of photo taking, there are many distinct types of photography that aspiring photographers can specialise in.

In today’s article, we will discuss how a photographer can launch a career in distinct types of photography.

I do.

The two previously mentioned words are uttered during a person’s most important day of their life: their wedding day. While a wedding day is filled with joyous events, it can be quite stressful and overwhelming.

How can a bride and groom effectively remember the momentous occasions of their special day?

By hiring a wedding photographer to capture all the precious moments. The best wedding photographers make the unique couple feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera; the bride and groom pay big bucks to ensure that their photos come out beautifully.

The wedding photography business is quite competitive, and only the best get booked. Amateurs wedding photographers need to work hard to prove themselves up to the task of taking breathtaking wedding photos.

How does a beginner commence in the wedding photography business?

There are a few steps, such as creating a presence on social media, getting second shooter experience, using your networking skills, and frequent advertising that helps aspiring photographers gain professional knowledge.

Also, it is worth mentioning information about what is needed on the day of a wedding shoot. Expert nuptial photographers suggest bringing backups of all gear such as cameras, flashes, and lenses in case things get damaged. Extra batteries and memory cards are not a bad idea either.

Did you know that wearing comfortable footwear and eating frequent snacks makes the day more enjoyable?

Becoming a wedding photographer is a dream for many that can be achieved through hard work and determination.

Wildlife Photography

Do like the natural world? Do you want to take more pictures? Would you appreciate spending hours, days, and weeks observing distinct animal and plant species in their natural habitat?

If you answered yes to the previously mentioned questions, you are destined for a career as a wildlife photographer! Wildlife photography is a specific niche of picture taking that combines a person’s love for the wild and passion for photography. It is important to mention that it is not for the faint-hearted; harsh conditions have to be endured to take the million-dollar shot.

How do I become a wildlife photographer?

It is essential to mention that no previous training is required to become a professional wildlife photographer. However, the following are specific steps or characteristics that make becoming skilled in wildlife photography more attainable:

  1. Learn multiple techniques to become a photography expert,
  2. Make the great outdoors your best friend,
  3. Network yourself by creating a website and using social media to acquire the best jobs.

Also, since wildlife photographers regularly work outside the studio, there is specific gear that needs to be purchased to make life easier.

For example, wildlife photographers need to buy binoculars, telephoto lens, tripods, and camera bags, among other things.

Advertising Photography

Advertise, advertise, advertise.

There are many distinct genres of photography, and a crucial one is advertising photography. Advertising or lifestyle photographers take pictures of products and services offered specific individuals or companies. Also known as commercial photographers , professionals working in this field can make a lot of quid depending on their clients.

It is important to mention that advertising photography is a very competitive domain and only the best survive.

How do I become one of the best commerical photographers?

The following are essential steps that help all individuals excel in advertising photography:

  1. Build a strong portfolio and show others your best pictures,
  2. Take time to practise new techniques, work on creativity, and scout new locations,
  3. Reflect and observe the work of already famous advertising photographers,
  4. Advertising photography is a minimal area of marketing; therefore, it would be wise to know more about marketing and the different strategies used by various companies.

While it is true that talent is responsible for taking beautiful pictures, there is specific gear that helps advertising photographers hone their skills such as a DSLR camera, a professional lens, lighting equipment, and a camera bag.

Fashion Photography

The work of fashion photographers is to make the beautiful model feel comfortable and perform at his or her best. Fashion designers spend millions of pounds creating new styles and trends; therefore, they trust in professional fashion photographers to take stellar pictures that will inspire everyday people to buy new fabrics and threads.

Famous fashion photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, and Patrick Demarchelier have taken some of the 20th and 21st centuries most magnificent photographs.

Becoming a fashion photographer is hard work that requires time and continuous effort. For example, amateur fashion photographers would be wise to follow the subsequent steps to make it big in the world of fashion and photography:

  1. Create a stunning portfolio with your best shots featured,
  2. Work for free at first to develop a clientele and show others that you mean business,
  3. Use social media as your platform to find new jobs or contracts,
  4. Ask the permission of art gallery owners to feature your work on their walls.

A high-quality DSLR camera is recommended, a few types of professional lenses, lighting gear, and editing tools are needed to become equipped for any type of fashion shoot.

Portrait Photography

A picture is worth a thousands words.

Portrait photographers specialise in bringing the raw human emotion to the surface with beautiful photographs that tell us a story.

Did you know that there are many distinct types of portrait photography?

The following list demonstrates to all the many different sectors of portrait photography that aspiring photographers can specialise in:

  • Couples, family or group,
  • Self-portraits,
  • Surreal portraits,
  • Environmental portraits,
  • Lifestyle portraits,
  • Traditional portraits.

By choosing one of the previously mentioned photographies to specialise in, a portrait photographer becomes skilled in their domain. However, it is essential to state that becoming a professional portrait photographer is no easy task. Getting enough contracts and jobs to pay the rent and a bit more takes time.

What can be done?

The following steps demonstrate how a career in portrait photography can be started:

  1. Become skilled in all aspects of portrait photography; study, study, study,
  2. Decide between your career options: 1) Working for an established portrait photography studio, 2) Open your own studio,
  3. Build your portfolio by working with friends and family. Also, promote yourself on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,
  4. Work on your people skills. Why? No one likes to work with a grump on a photoshoot!

Typical equipment of portrait photographers working outside the studio may include a high-quality camera, a few different lenses, a tripod, and a camera bag.

Sports Photography

Sports are adored by people all over the world. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, golf, or swimming, individuals love to cheer on their favourite athletes in the comfort of their own home or at sporting events.

Some individuals have combined their love for sports and a passion for photography into a brilliant career as a sports photographer.

Is it easy to find work as a sports photographer?

Like many different sectors of photography , sports photography is very competitive and quite challenging to break into. Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible. The following are some helpful tips to commence a successful career in sports photography:

  1. Learn the rules of the game you are shooting; this will help you plan your shots by becoming familiar with regulations, the characteristics of the players, and knowing where to place yourself,
  2. Become a student of photography to acquire helpful tips that will set you apart from the rest,
  3. Volunteer to take pictures of smaller sports events to gain experience,
  4. Start an interactive blog highlighting your work and talent as a photographer,
  5. Apply for different jobs on magazine websites,
  6. Become a master editor and familiarise yourself with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Also, it is essential to mention that sports photographers need specialised equipment to take masterful shots. Essential gear to excel in sports photography includes a DSLR or mirrorless camera, a couple of lenses, many SD or memory cards, and a monopod.

By becoming familiar with all distinct types of photography, aspiring photographers can make an educated decision as to what sector is worthy of their talent. Are you ready for a magnificent career?

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