A Guide To The Stores Not To Miss In The São Conrado Fashion Mall

The São Conrado Fashion Mall (often shortened to simply Fashion Mall) is one of the better malls for a diversity of brands within the mid to high-price range. Catering to this particular audience, the mall is elegantly designed with sweeping spaces and decorated with broad palms. The mall doesn’t get crowded so it’s perfect to casually stroll around and check out our take on the stores not to miss at Fashion Mall.


Animale is a Brazilian brand that was born in 1991, first starting in a shop in Leblon. Nowadays, there are more than 80 stores of Animale throughout Brazil and its brand is associated with style and sophistication. The designs are at the forefront of current trends and exude effortless style. It’s one of those remarkable brands that can appeal to most age groups due to its focus on luxury rather than specific ages.


Farm is a Brazilian brand that’s inspired by the vibrant life and colors of Rio de Janeiro. Its bold, bright stamps and trendy styles make it immensely popular throughout the city and appeals to the 20 to 30 age group. Loose, printed shorts and fitted cropped tops are some of the fashion styles on offer that provide a perfect outfit for Rio’s summery days. They also have a range that is the result of a collaboration with Adidas that has inspired floral and funky patterns.

Livraria Cultura

This is one of Brazil’s most famous book shops that stocks, along with books, CDs, stationery and DVDs from all genres in a variety of languages. Livraria Cultura is designed with light wooden details, warm colored carpets and big, squashy bean bags to let visitors pick up a book they like and take a seat to enjoy a good read. If you’re missing that perfect book to read on the beach, you can find all the new releases as well as old classics here. There’s a solid English section with a variety of books about almost everything so there’s something for everyone here.

Mr. Cat

For shoes, bags and accessories lovers, do not miss out on a trip to Mr. Cat. Stocked with gorgeous shoes, there’s just about every style in every color. The wedge sandals are a big trend at the moment in Rio, and Mr. Cat has some beauties for people wanting to follow today’s fashion must-have. The bags are gorgeous as well with a wide range of strappy little numbers for a night out to larger, more practical (yet still insanely stylish) bags for everyday use.


Osklen is a Brazilian brand that molds streetwear into sophisticated styles, usually in neutral tones and earthy hues. The fashion brand is sharp, modern and trendy, and when it uses bright colors, it keeps them subtle whilst still making maximum impact. The brand has a clothing range for both men and women.

Track & Field

For the best in quality and design for sports clothes, Track & Field have your back. They stock a wide range of leggings in different prints, colors and lengths as well as practical yet pretty sports tops. The sports bras come in a wide range from strappy materials that are designed more with style in mind than hard core exercise, to much more supportive and robust designs that are still flattering and attractive.


For beautiful bikinis, beachwear and beach accessories, look no further than Salinas. The patterns are colorful and vibrant and have a variety of styles and cuts. The bottoms of the bikinis are smaller than European standards, yet are not super thin so provide a good option for those daring to bare a bit more. Salinas have also collaborated with Adidas to bring a new range of sportswear that’s tropical, fun and capable of making any workout a whole lot more interesting.

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