How Can You Take Better Photos?

  • The Ranking Of The Best Photography Tutorials
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Digital photography is a marvel that allows you to take as many pictures as your memory card will allow. But when it comes to photography, it is not the number of pictures that you take that guarantees a great result.

Spotting scenes to photograph is essential, but having a good ‘eye’ is only part of the story. If you want to be more than merely a ‘good’ photographer, you have to learn how to take good photos and a unique mix of other skills; these skills include having to learn how to go about capturing that scene, then presenting that scene in your chosen image.

Until you become committed to continually improving your photography techniques. You may find that your photographic skill remains good rather than great. To transform into the best version of yourself, capturing the greatest photographs possible you have to master your craft.

Today I will show you some secrets for how to take better photos

The Ranking Of The Best Photography Tutorials

Staying on top of your game in photography and taking great photos is as simple as keeping your photography skills up to date , continually taking photos to practise your craft and staying informed with free photography tutorials online.

If you are a professional photographer, you will need to refresh your photography skills but if you are a beginner photographer. You will need to learn photography with much more detail if you hope to fast-track your skills .

When our days are full of busy demands that draw our attention away from the things we need to do. Online tutorials come to save the day, giving us the chance to learn in our own time, in a fun and engaging way.

Free photography YouTube tutorials are the perfect way to learn . They can fit into the time that you have available during your busy week.

These tutorials go into depth on:

  • How to photograph using your DSLR , Mirrorless camera or point and shoot.
  • How to choose a digital camera and your kit.
  • How to shoot different scenes like portrait photography, landscape photography, wedding photography or adventure photography.
  • How to use lighting in your photograph including night photography, taking pictures in low light, exposure compensation and the kit that can help you to shoot in challenging conditions like a tripod.
  • They teach you to learn about your digital SLR camera settings such as ISO, shutter speed, depth of field, aperture and how lenses can help.
  • You can also get an in-depth look at how to edit your images using post-processing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • As well as a ton of photo tips and tricks.

Here Are Some Of The Best Youtube Tutorials To Update Your Skills.

  1. The Cooperative of Photography (CooPh) YouTube channel show videos for photographers of all levels. Subscribe to COOPH here.
  2. GMAX Studios channel is great for photographers who want to learn how to shoot video. Subscribe to GMAX Studios here.
  3. CamCrunchs channel provides excellent online photography courses to improve your skills. Subscribe to CamCrunch here.
  4. The B&H Photo channel shares cool photo tips to getting the most out of your camera. Subscribe to B and H Photo here.
  5. Bethany Kay Design Studio shares tips to start your photography business. Subscribe to Bethany Kay Design Studio here.
  6. The SLR Lounge channel they have made a community and share lots of tips including image editing. Subscribe to SLR Lounge here.
  7. Professional Photography Tips Channel introduces you to creative photography. Subscribe to Professional Photography Tips here.
  8. That Nikon guy shares tips on how to use Digital SLRs and cameras. Subscribe to That Nikon Guy here.
  9. PhotoRec is a great channel to learn about camera equipment. Subscribe to PhotoRec TV here.
  10. Peter McKinnon YouTube channel shares dramatic photography experiments and pushes the boundaries with inexpensive tips. Subscribe to Peter McKinnon here.

How To Take A Good Selfie?

A ‘selfie’ as the name suggests is about taking a photo of yourself. A casual kind of portrait photography ‘selfies’ have the power to communicate a lot more than the face staring out of them. And despite what people may commonly see, Selfies also offer the opportunity to be creative, experimental and genuine.

Your selfie despite being a photo of a human face will be different from any other selfie out there. In fact, a selfie can be as unique as you are. One essential point to a fantastic selfie is to inject some of your personality into the picture. When you loosen up and allow who you are to show through in your photographs. Your selfie will naturally take on a genuine and emotional air that will make you not only seem much more photogenic but also friendly and approachable.

While it is advisable to create your own style and express that within your selfies. Some essential photographic selfie tips and tricks can help to keep you producing great photography and beautiful imagery.

The Essential Cheat Sheet To The Best Shots

  1. Natural light and daylight is there to be used and is some of the best available light to bring out your features. Take advantage of it
  2. Posture and posing, while posing for your selfie your stance is very important. You want to try to relax as much as possible and sit up straight, make sure your shoulders are loose and natural.
  3. Don’t just sit in the middle of the image, try to sit slightly to the side, with your eyes roughly a third of the way down the photo. This is called the rule of thirds, and it can give your photo a lovely natural feel while allowing you to use some of the negative space in the background creatively to capture an exciting
  4. When taking picture remember to be natural , if you are smiling then really Fake happiness always shows in the eyes and looks creepy and ingenuine rather than happy. People can tell if you are faking.
  5. Edit your selfies with photography apps and filters to give them a new and interesting twist on the original picture.

What Are The Best Photography Apps?

Photography apps are becoming more and more popular as we share more and more of our lives online. Apps have come to save the day to allow us to not only take great pictures but also to present our images to the world in the best possible light.

Check out photography courses.

Here Are 5 Apps To Raise Your Photography Game.

  1. The Snapseed app is Google’s photo editor and is a complete photo editing app. It has an array of features that can help you to adjust and enhance your photos. Uniquely it also has technology that can improve the face, making it perfect for portraits including selfies. It has top of the line pro-level tools allowing professional photographers to work with RAW files, white balance and curve editing. While it has advanced features, it is also perfect for
  2. Instagram app is a social sharing network with a focus on photography. It is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It even has an integrated photo editing capacity, using filters to give images a new look. Instagram is the place for photographers to come together and share imagery.
  3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app is a photography manager, but it also does more than that. Lightroom will boost your camera to near DSLR functionality and give you the chance to take beautiful photos the first time. This app captures, edits, and shares your images effortlessly.
  4. Pixlr app comes with over 2 million combinations for editing your photography. Full of simple effects like crop and rotate to more advanced tools like pro filters, pro-level editing to creative features like the collage feature, the typography feature, the colour splash feature and the sketch feature, but there are millions of combinations to choose from.
  5. Facetune App is an incredible app which is popular with Instagram users because it is so easy to use and gets such wondrous It is simple, customizable, and packs a punch in the editing department. This App focuses on editing faces, so it makes it perfect for selfies and portraits, this app would excel it making wedding picture more beautiful in the swipe of a finger.

What Are The Best Instagram Photography Accounts?

Instagram is the strong social network that loves images . If YouTube is the online video god, then Instagram will be the in online photo god . With over 50 million images posted to Instagram every day (Quora), we apparently cannot help but make our image offerings daily and worship them.

But with so many people using the Instagram network and so many photos, who are some of the best photographers on Instagram?

Let’s Take A Look At The A Selection Of 5 Amazing Photographers

  1. PaperBoyo shares his fine art photography vision by superimposing paper cutouts with different landscapes. Follow: PaperBoyo
  2. Brahmino shares his fantasy world with gorgeous travel photography. Follow: Brahmino
  3. David Lloyd captures breath taking images of animals in his wildlife photography. Follow: David
  4. Omar Z. Robles loves photographing dancers, allowing his shutter to illuminate and immortalise Follow: Omar
  5. Sebastian Kim has photographed every model, his fashion photography has the power to transform his subject just with different angles and framing. Follow: Sebastian

No matter what kind of photographer you want to be, think about how you can learn or improve your skills continually . To be able to be the best at grasping the photo opportunities before you, you must to be trained and ready to snap. When you know the best way to capture your vision in a photograph, you will find taking better pictures effortless.

Look up photography courses.

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