Where To Buy Sportswear In Rio De Janeiro

Residents in body-conscious Rio de Janeiro (known as Cariocas) are constantly seeking out new ways of being active, having a fit, strong body and ultimately looking good. Going to the gym or doing sports isn’t a chore that has to be done — it is a way of life, and Cariocas like to dress the part. As a result, there are plenty of sportswear stores throughout the city. Here are our top picks.

Track & Field

Track & Field supplies quality sportswear that looks fresh, modern and sophisticated, using splashes of color but manages to keep away from garish patterns and prints. For tight-fitted leggings and sports bras that offer minimal up to maximum support, this is the shop to go to. It covers a wide range of sports attire such as yoga, running, swimming, cross-country and general team sports.


Stubb has reasonably priced sports attire that is specially designed for gym workouts or light outdoor activities For leggings and tight shorts in colorful and bold patterns, this is the spot to go to. There are also simple designs, but colors are of the essence here. The shop stocks a range of sports bras that are fashion-oriented; expect pretty designs, but not much in terms of support. Vest tops are simple and ideal for workouts and there are men’s swimwear available to purchase, too.

Areia Carioca

The sportswear in Areia Carioca aims to flatter the body and make working out sexy. The leggings sold there are skintight and embrace curves with high waists for support. Many of the sports bras and tops are designed to look good rather than offer support; fine for gym workouts but less effective for running. Crop tops, tied fronts and low-neck lines are currently in-style; it also has a strong collection of Brazilian-style bikins and swimwear.


Cribb combines fashion with fitness to create artistic, fresh pieces that are adapted for comfort and support. Its sports bras range from less-supportive to maximum support yet never lose sight of being in fashion. The line combines sun-protection and anti-bacteria technology for outdoor sports and durability. The clothes sold here are ideal for outdoor sports, team games, gym workouts, running and swimming.

Rio Fitness Bodywear

This store is located in Barra da Tijcua but also has a strong online presence. Rio Fitness Bodywear aims to provide sportswear that is perfect for workouts, indoor classes or light outdoor exercises. The style is fitted in a way that is both flattering and sexy and still manages to appear practical. The people of Rio want to look good when they are working out and to also stand out against the crowd, which is something this brand succeeds in doing.

Body Up

Body Up provides stylish sportswear for both men and women. It offers classic pieces with gentle patterns and varieties of colors that are more likely to stand the test of time than passing fashion trends. Tops are fitted and flattering in a diverse range of styles, from practical options to more strappy and revealing pieces. It also stocks several all-in-one body pieces that are popular in the gyms in Rio.

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